Ok, the way to find out how make and publish a PWA (web-app) is more or less hard

The guides that you find are good, great work by the ppl who did them, but I could not follow them from the start to the end....
always a missing pieces there... (the programming noob I am..)


What is a PWA app?

PWA is an app that uses a webpage as its app content, It makes it easy to change content without updating the app,
and no code hacking what so ever

If you got a nice webpage, you can reach more users if you make apps for both windows, IOS and android

I will try to make every step as easy as it's get, I've found the path (I fried my brain fifteen times on the way....)

MS Visual studio are a software with no intuitiveness what so ever, it's a big mess of functions, restart everything if you get something wrong :)
I need feedback if I missed anything important, make it in on twitter

If you add support for it in Visual studio you can make apps for Iphone and android to, never tried it but I will later, be back on that.

There are no need what so ever to make the Iphone-app, Apple will charge you $99 a year for it. Then if you got a brilliant idea, then maybe

from visual studio install

Step One: do not miss anything

Step Two:

Download Ms Visual studio, it's free! do not miss the components that you'll need (visual studio installer will help you)

You will need JavaScript/Progressive web apps

from visual studio install

Check the installer,  universal Windows platform development need to be there

video with the whole everyting including some errors

How to find this? I made this from a half a year of dirty work, I can't remember how I find this. (yes I do but this is just a search away)

You need a lot of hardisk space.... I know that for a fact.


Step 3 then:

Open visual studio

And do as follow (do now miss the path, it's narrow)

Choose Project

do it

And, if You got the right package from MS, choose:

Then, choose....


You may be forced to install this stuff, do it and proceed as the real programmer you soon are.

Choose the Progressive Web Apps as the way to make your app


Programming the app:

It's 3 things you need to fix, before anything. (approx, I did'nt count)

Add your supported rotations....

Fill in the description (what do your app does) and the start page on this page (application)

If you fail to decipher anything else, leave it empty, in this case it may just work





Add the web source:

You need to put the web site address from the site you will show where it belong

tabs name is Content URIs

Remove the thing you do not use!

the open menu in the pic is for another paragraph, don't mind it now, it's the whitey stuff thats important

allready, the 6th?


Add store pics:

Check the Visual assets tab:

Add a pic file that going to be your start pic and icon.

Make the pics with the asset generator.

For me it always miss the store-logo 50x50, make that with paint, note, when I add the 50x50, the 100x100 disappears and needs to be redone

I think the most is over.

You need to give the app the exact setting from 'MS store, do as following


Make the app suitable for MS store:

Scroll to the right (the pic above again)

Right click on the file shown to the right, choose the store... associate..

When you do this you get the right name and other stuff directly from MS Dev. account into your app

I think this part is important or even necessary when you will try to add the app to MS Store

From the magic club, You need to have an MS dev. account at this moment, and you need to pay for it

You should make the app-name yours before to have the app-choice to make, You fin all of this in MS dev desktop

If You add this now, MS know every thing about your app, else... sh...



Create the money-saver you need (I do):

Create app package in same menu where you did assisoated your app at MS Store.

Accept the certy-stuff and go thru every stuff of it...

If You get Finish, woho, Failed, damn (MS help, may help you .h.a.h.a.H)


If every thing goes OK

This is the time of your life, do not shit this away

Your upload file from you repos on the harddrive to the MS dev desktop....

win10 (you know the file structure of win10, else mail me):

You may find the file in C:\users\xxxxxx\source\repos\"app name"\bin\uploads\"appname".appbundle

xxxxx= your username, the file is called "appname".appbundle and nothing else (not the "appname" but I'm shure you get that :)




The later stuff,:

register a appname on MS dashboard (make this before joining your app to store...)

start the app job to fill in the stuff needed to publish the app (approx. the same on android dev)

upload your PWA-App (if the upload doesn't work, try another web reader or do this from your iPhones, worked for me)

Click the Lang optn for the app-store basic and add the needed pic and info

this is where your info shows on MS Store later, be thoughtful

The rest, submit to the store, watch for rejects, fix them and try again.


You must have a Private policy, not just a link to something, they will check and rejekt

a free private policy generator will help a lot, search just that on google (priv. polic... nobody else then MS will "read" this, just make it)

You will find my other work at my web site
don't miss, mail me the app link if you been able to make your own working app here, maillink <<>> mail now fixed