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Got a broke, error flashing, malfunction EKOSTER 2 microprocessor temperature controller?

orlan ekoster 2

There's no need to switch out the whole controller for $390

If you got everything ok in the temp display but the pumps on all the time, shutdown or some other thing "mecanical" malfunctions (stuck and hang up functions),
it will be the relays, I'v never change those on a ekoster, but that will be quite easy but not shown here, Its the black box with 5 or something connecctors, ZETTLER AZ673-1A-12DS

The guide covers change of the capacitors (blinking temp screen)

The big one is the wrong type but the right values, think it's 40V and 470uF, the litte one, can't read as it's positioned

orlan temp controller board

On to the game:
Change the 2 separate capacitors with some with the the same /close values (not the real values on the pic below!)
I have heard the higher V is no big deal but the F is.
orlan controller capactor
How do I do then?

-Bend out the controller from the chassis
-Loosen the cabel connections
-Open the top of the plastic box, a few screws, 2 screws from the bottom side of the controller
--Be careful not to break the connection between the boards when dismantling the box, they are 3 in a U shape with connections between
-Find the big capacitors on the center board and note their values and + pole
-Go to your "everything-box" of saved stuff and pick up new ones (I did, but often you have to go to the store for this)
-Do some easy soldering and fit the new one, note the + and -, its important
-FIXED, do something funny with the money you saved :)

Why do this happens? (in most electronic)
Electrolytic Capacitors have a short lifespan.
As is, the capacitor have a really short lifespan, high temeprature makes the lifespan even shorter.
The construction of a capacitor, an aluminium shell, contact foil, a rubber seal and fluid.
Thats not a very solid unit. the unit will leak fluid and consume the foil, higher temprature make in worse, both ext. an int. temp.
It has been a longer story about really "bad" taiwanees capacitors around year 2000, but the problem is allways there.
Does your electronics stop working? change the capacitors, start (electrical input side) from the ext. feed, that will fix the most, but not all problems.

borrowed from xppower

According to the relay errors:
The relays fail after the mecanical contact surfaces get burnt.
They will get stuck togeher or loose electrical contact ability
The only way to fix that is to find a replacement product and do some soldering

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