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Tool length comp

Tell the mill machine the tool length

for use of the code

Code G43

applies to milling, for turn, see note at the bottom of this text

G43 sets the length value on the tool, combined with the table number with this value, ex H1

You need to have a movment in the same axis while you set this, Z-axis most of the time

Programming exemple:

N40 G00 G43 Z50 H1

You will see a picture of the table where the CNC got its value

When you are programming a Turn-program you use the tool length comp in the tool-command: T0101, where the last 01 pointing towards the tool seting value in the tool register


The MODAL codes stay on until some commando in the same group is commanded, for G01, the commands that cange this code is G00, G02 and G03