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Siemens 840D sl

19" SLIMline Operating Panel with Sinumerik 840D sl and Multi-Touch Input Field to the left


Siemens 840D sl is a easy to use shop floor system.
On DMG versions it got  19 inch touch screen, built in cycles with pictures and explanations of use.
Older Siemens system, 810D and 840D is practically the same with an older grafic layout

I'v got a lot of information for this but I'll start with G-codes

programming in G-code


Moving linear, Rapid move:

Code: G00

Rapid move to a point

For non cuttling moves

Not for use when the tool is touching the workpiece

This is a MODAL code, stays on till further notice


Moving linear, working feed

Code: G01

For moves with the programmed feed (Eg. F300)

You use this when you cutting in the material

This is a MODAL code, stays on till further notice


Circular interpolation moves:

Code: G02 and G03

For Circular movment with the programmed feed

G02 is for clockwise moves (CW)

G03 is for Counterclockwise moves (CCW)

Programming exemple:

N30 G01 X30 Y23 (start point of the circual move)

N40 G02 X25 Y23 CR=5 (to set the radius: CR=)

N50 G01 Z40 (exit the circular movement, needs G01 or G00)

This is a MODAL code, stays on till further notice

If you try to make any linear moves after circular, you need write G00 och G01, else alarm



N30 T="toolname"

N40 L6 (tool cutter comp, can be M6 or (TC=1)

L6 and M6 are in use when programming mill programs

(TC=1) is used when you make turn programs

Its possible to use T1-T30 intstead of tool name, but in 840sl its easyer to just pick the tool you need to use


Speeds and feeds

Code: S for speeds, F for feeds


N40 S400 F90 M3 (S is rev in R/min, Feeds are mm/min)

Can be combilated with a numerus codes, Constant cuttings speed, RPM, feed in mm/rev, feed in mm/min

See specific page

The M3 or M4 is the direction of the spindel/chuck


Constant cutting speed

Code: G96

Best use for this is when using it in a lathe (oh yes, try it in your mill, it will work).


N40 G96 S300 F340 M3

In this case the S300 number is in Cutting speed not in RPM

It's wise to combine this code with G26, max RPM

ex: N40 G26 S4000

Not for use with drill bits in a lathe (makes the RPM go max)

This is a MODAL code, stays on till further notice


Feed types

Code: G94 and G95

G94 feed in mm/min (FPM)

G95 feed in mm/rev (SPR)

for milling, the machine uses G94 as standard, do not use G95

For turning, the machine uses G95 as standard, but you can use G94 when needed (note, those codes are in

MODAL, they stays on til futher notice)


Spindel/chuck rotation direction

Code: M3 and M4

Rotation for the spindel/chuck in the machine

M3 is clockwise (CW)

M4 is counterclockwise (CCW)

The direction is seen from inside the spindel looking out, and from inside the chuck looking out.

This code is needed to run the program (most cases)

This is a MODAL code, stays on till further notice


Cutter Radius Compensation 

Code G41 and G42

Usage: to program on the cutting profile (program without tool and let the cnc count the tool position)

G41 is on the left side of the programmed path

G42 is on the right side of the programmed path

Program exemple :

N40 G01 G41 X400 Y200

You need the tool radius set in the tool register


Coolant on/off

Code: M8 and M7

M8 starts the normal cooling

M7 may start the high pressure cooling

M9 stops all coolant

The codes applies everywhere in the program