• CNC Training

    This site suppose to help people to learn the fine art of CNC and CAD/CAM.

    There are sections covering most of the task you need to handle to be a CNC programmer and CAD and CAM user.

    The content are on top of this page, on the Meny-item

    Some of the contents got how-to videos to support the learning.

    You will find sections on different CNC, CAD and CAM tasks on video 

    I'v got a bunch of CNC and CAD/CAM apps for android, click google play store to download and windows apps, look below for that

    Most of the content at this time will fit Fanuc 21, Siemens Sinumerik 840, Millplus IT, Fusion 360 and NX 7.5. 
    Use the top menu to find what you are looking for. 

    G-codes shows the most used codes for Fanuc, Siemens sinumerik covers the same, but in another place.

    CAD/CAM instructions, e-learning, tutorials covers work in NX from first start of the software to you first finish CAM-posted CNC-code. You learn to draw in 2d, make a 3d model (solid) that fits the manufacturing. manufacturing set up is the next part, you learn to set up the zero point for manufacturing, and least create tools and make tool paths and finally post the CNC program, link below

    I'm in the progress to rewrite the whole website. I did not tought that I was going to add so much content that it got messy and some pages are unpractical and ugly. keep up with all changes, I hope you like the new "design"

    FANUC 21

    Interesting stuff:

    CNC CODING GUIDE BLOG, lots on Millplus, but even other stuff

    Tried some 5 axis drilling in fusion and post this for millplus, complete with all the files HERE

    online viewer for a fusion CADCAM part, shows parts of the CADCAM process open viewer

    Apps for windows, 2 at this moment, Download them for free from microsoft: NX CAM milling and NX CAM Turning

    G-code G7 in millplus IT system, turn the coodinates system (4 and 5 axis)

    NX CAD/CAM instruction, tutorial for Milling

    NX CAD/CAM instruction, tutorial for Lathe, turning.

    Millplus IT on DMG DMU80t, tutorial for usage.

    Mill in lathe, Mill/turn Siemens Sinumerik 840D sl, complete instruction.

    G12.1, Mill in lathe, Mill/Turn Fanuc 21T, complete instruction

    Old and useful:


    G-code simulator


    Other useful sites:

     GcodeTutor, Marc's tutorial site with online courses


    Something completely different:

    DEC Alpha 200 instructions for linux

    DEC Alpha 200 instruktioner på svenska

    How to repair your broke Orlan Wood Burning Boilers electronics

    Play online reversi for free





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