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Circular interpolation moves

Is used for cutting circular travel movement

for use of the code

Code: G02 and G03

For Circular movment with the programmed feed

G02 is for clockwise moves (CW)

G03 is for Counterclockwise moves (CCW)

Programming exemple:
N30 G01 X30 Y23 (start point of the circual move)

N40 G02 X25 Y23 R5 (to set the radius: R)

N50 G01 Z40 (exit the circular movement, needs G01 or G00)

The circle end coordinate and the radius need to match up exactly

This is a MODAL code, stays on till further notice

If you try to make any linear moves after circular, you need to write G00 och G01, else you got an alarm


The MODAL codes stay on until some commando in the same group is commanded, for G01, the commands that cange this code is G00, G02 and G03